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Ranking of “WirtschaftsWoche” 01/20/2014

“Why companies repeatedly hire the wrong managers” – four hypotheses

A special contribution by Dr. Matthias Kestler. Read the full WirtschaftsWoche article here.

Xellento-Partner Dr. Matthias Kestler in the Handelsblatt

The economic boom is slowing; however, SMEs are continuing to seek high achievers. What to do? Handelsblatt editor Anja Müller, team leader SMEs and family-owned businesses, describes the situation as follows:

Matthias Kestler notes “that there is no trivial solution”. Currently, he has been focussing on the difficulty to attract top talents to rural locations – a problem faced by many SMEs. The headhunter indicates that the demands of the sought managers have grown over time and “an economic downturn will not lower the expectations”. Hereby, the remuneration is not a decisive factor: “Relocation is not dependent on a higher compensation; the realm of responsibility is the decisive factor. This holds true for 98 percent of my candidates.” There are more important things to life than a €5k increase. This said, one should keep in mind that the individuals Kestler seeks are already on a very high income. However, he adds, there is a further crucial factor: Interesting concepts matter. Kestler says that “more than half of candidates would immediately sign a contract if it entailed a home office day on Friday.”

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Lectures by Dr. Matthias Kestler and Peter Alexander Rapp

Attracting new employees beyond metropolitan areas

How do employers, especially SMEs, attract high achievers to the rural locations? Today, employees set out the working conditions, thus companies are the ones vying for the candidates. Apart from compensation and company car there is a further factor of importance: the location. The SME which is “located at the end of the world” is faced with a fierce fight for talent.

The above was presented and discussed by the Xellento partners Dr. Matthias Kestler

on the 10th of July 2019 at the Pioneers Club in Bielefeld

and Peter Alexander Rapp

on the 10th of October 2019 at the FAZ Conference “Recruiting & Führungskräftebindung im Mittelstand“ by KLAFS GmbH & Co. KG in Schwäbisch Hall


Insights by Dr. Matthias Kestler and Peter Alexander Rapp

Fremde Köpfe – neue Lösungen

Was ist bei Top-Besetzungen wichtiger: Branchenwissen oder Funktionsstärke? – Beides natürlich. Aber wenn ein neuer Chef gesucht wird, muss man manchmal neue Wege gehen. Heißt hier: es muss nicht zwingend ein Branchenfachmann sein.  weiter…

Mission Impossible oder: sieben der beliebtesten Irrtümer bei der Zusammenarbeit mit Personalberatern

Wer einen Personalberater mit der Neubesetzung einer Spitzenposition beauftragt, kann erstaunlich viel falsch machen. Die Berater der Münchner Berater-Boutique Xellento Executive Search schildern hier einige der meist gesehenen Erfolgsbremsen bei der Kandidatensuche.  weiter…

Headhunters Alptraum oder: Der Teufel steckt immer im Detail

Die besten Jäger sind nicht die mit der größten Feuerkraft, sondern jene, die es verstehen, sich dem Wild im richtigen Augenblick in der richtigen Weise zu nähern. Womit ein Qualitätsmerkmal guter Headhunter schon beschrieben wäre. Auftraggeber, die das Wissen der „Jäger“ über Timing und Details nicht nutzen, verprellen die besten Kandidaten durch manchmal sehr banale Fehler. Hier ein paar besonders fatale:  weiter…



Headhunter, companies and the tricky search for ideal candidates, plus eBook inside

Author: Dr. Matthias Kestler

ISBN: 978-3-5935-0872-6

2018, 254 pages, hardcover € 34,95


Are you ready for a leap to the top?
The dos and don’ts of how to climb the social ladder! An illustration by style, language and etiquette expert Doris Märtin for success-oriented readers. For her book Mrs. Märtin interviewed Dr. Matthias Kestler.

Author: Doris Märtin

ISBN: 978-3-5935-0983-9

2019, 320 pages, hardcover € 22,95

Trade publications of the former Rat.Haus Personnel Consulting Ltd and Otto • Henning & Company can be ordered here.

HR Benchmarking Report 2010/11 Rat.Haus Personnel Consulting and Otto • Henning & Company present the HR Benchmarking Report 2010/11 – Schwerpunkt “Talent Management”

Authors: Dr. Michael Henning; Dr. Matthias Kestler

ISBN: 978-3-7664-9718-5

2010, 192 pages, softcover € 495

Rechtsabteilung Report 2009 Otto • Henning &  Company presents the study “Organisation und Strategie der Rechtsabteilung im Fokus von Qualität und Effizienz”

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Distressed Debt Investments

Over the last few years the number of ailing loans, also known as distressed debt or non-performing loans, has risen substantially. Buying up and dealing with such loans can be used as a measure of reorganization.

Authors: Dr. Matthias Kestler, Dr. Andreas Striegel, Dr. Thomas A. Jesch

ISBN: 978-3-8145-0343-1

2006, 156 pages, hardcover € 38